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Category: Online Safety

Sextortion and Revenge Porn – What If It Happens To You?

Many of us love how technology can connect us with…

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Keeping Safe on Your Phone, Console and Computer

Have you had a new phone, tablet, gaming console or…

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Staying Safe Using Dating Apps 

Dating apps have become a popular way of meeting someone…

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Digital Intimacy: Keeping Safe When Sexting

It’s not uncommon to have flirty and sexual chats with…

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The Ins and Outs of Porn: What You Need to Know

It’s natural to be curious about other people’s bodies and…

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Online Safety Information Especially For You

Being connected and having information at your fingertips is great….

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What is Misinformation (Fake News)?

Misinformation, or ‘fake news’, is everywhere – in our inboxes,…

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How To Figure Out If Something Is Fake On The Internet

It’s important that you know how to spot misinformation on…

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Be Aware Of Your Online Safety: Tips To Keep Safe

Don’t worry! We’re not here to tell you that the…

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Have You Been A Victim Of A Scam Or Fraud?

This week is Talk Money Week and in this article…

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Should I Download The NHS Covid-19 App?

If you’re over 16 then the Welsh Government and the…

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5 Benefits Of Your Online Identity

We all know just how easy it is to set…

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Self Defence Online: Top Tips

The online world is as much filled with positivity as…

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10 Cyberbullying Facts and Tips

Cyberbullying is something that affects loads of people of every…

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Cyberbullying: Stop Speak Support

This year the Anti-Bullying Alliance (the people who are responsible…

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