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Online Safety Information Especially For You

Being connected and having information at your fingertips is great. It’s hard to imagine life without the Internet. But are you clued up on the possible dangers and how to keep yourself safe? There’s a new place on Hwb, especially for you, and young people like you helped create it.

This article is also available in Welsh. I ddarllen y cynnwys yma yn Gymraeg clicia yma

ProMo-Cymru (the people that run Meic) worked with Welsh Government (the people that run Hwb) to develop and write a new ‘Online issues and worries’ area for young people. Focus groups were organised with primary and secondary school pupils and young people from youth organisations in Wales. These were used to ensure that all the topics that might concern you as young people were covered.

Online safety image for Hwb pages girl with hand across mouth in shock, mobile in hand

Why speak to children and young people?

Your voice is important. These pages are for you, so it’s important that they speak to you in a language that you understand. The young people were asked what worried them when going online? Have they ever had bad experiences? What would they do in a particular situation? Who would they turn to for help? What kind of words would they use for things (e.g. sexting and griefing)?

Online safety image for Hwb pages - boy with hand on head, sweating looking at his phone

What kind of information is on there?

There are 10 different topics:

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Why do I need this?

You might be really clued up about staying safe online, but there are a lot of different issues and experiences that could happen, some you may not even be aware of until it happens. So take a look at the pages and see if there’s anything that might help you. If something happens in the future, perhaps you’ll remember these pages and find the help you need.

Want to talk?

If you need to talk confidentially about anything that’s worrying you, whether that be about something that’s happened online or anything else, then Meic is here to listen and offer advice every day between 8am and midnight. Text, Call or chat to us online.