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Category: Being Unwell

Should You Be Worried About Monkeypox?   

With all the media attention around monkeypox, it can be…

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Checking Your Breasts For Changes

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether you call them…

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Covid Update – What Can I Do Now?

We haven’t had a Covid update on the blog for…

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Voting and Covid Restrictions – Person, Post and Proxy

This might be your first time voting so perhaps you’re…

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Your Voice – School And Lockdowns

Now that we’re back in a lockdown with schools closed…

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What Are The Latest Covid-19 Rules in Wales?

Confused over what’s happening with the Covid-19 regulations in Wales?…

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Short, Sharp Lockdown: The Firebreak Explained

From 6pm on Friday, 23rd October Wales will be going…

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Should I Download The NHS Covid-19 App?

If you’re over 16 then the Welsh Government and the…

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Covid-19 – What Are The Rules Now?

Some tighter Covid-19 rules were introduced by the Welsh Government…

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Grab The Meic: I Don’t Like Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people worldwide. Recently we had…

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Be A Superhero: Share Your Covid-19 Experience!

Did you know that you have superpowers? You might not be able to fly or have super strength, but you can do something much more important.

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