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Grab The Meic: I Don’t Like Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people worldwide. Recently we had a Grab the Meic with four simple words that said a lot. When you’re feeling in despair you might find a chat with a Meic adviser helps. Here’s our advice.

Grab the Meic is your opportunity to ask us about anything that’s worrying you. We’re here to listen and give advice. If you want to #grabthemeic then check out this page, but remember this advice is not instant. If you need advice quickly then please contact the helpline.

This article is also available in Welsh – I ddarllen y cynnwys yma yn Gymraeg – clicia yma.

We have lots of articles with information and advice about Covid-19 – check them out here.

Hi Meic

I don’t like Covid.

Adam (*name changed to protect their identity)

Meic’s Advice

Hi Adam, thanks for contacting us at Grab the Meic.

In your message you stated that you don’t like Covid-19. You are not alone in feeling this way and I’m pleased you felt able to reach out to us. 

The World wearing a face mask sitting in the hands of a doctor/scientist to potray an image of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 Impact

I wonder what you mean when you say you don’t like Covid-19? It is understandable as there isn’t much to like about it. I wonder how it has impacted on you and the way you feel right now? What is worrying you?

The impact this virus has had on the way we live our lives is huge. It has also been a very sad time as lots of people have been very unwell or have died.  If you have lost someone then take a look at the help available on the Hope Again website which is a safe place for young people to turn to when someone dies.

A year ago we could not have imagined the challenges and changes we are now facing. A lot of people are sad, angry, confused, upset, frustrated, scared and experiencing a whole range of new problems. It can feel overwhelming. However, this will pass. Life will slowly move towards feeling “normal” again.

For now we need to continue to follow Welsh Government guidance to keep ourselves, and others, as safe as possible.

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Things to help

Take a look at our article Coronavirus: Putting Things Into Perspective. You’ll find links to other useful things, like activities and distractions to keep you busy. You can find all our Covid-19 articles here, some of these might help you with the way you’re feeling right now, like dealing with emotions, keeping healthy and coping with mental health.

If you’re struggling to figure out exactly what’s affecting you the most, you could try to answer these questions that the Children, Young People and Education Committee are asking young people. It might help you think about different things in your life and what’s troubling you. The information will let the committee know what young people need and will work towards making these things happen. 

Meic contact details for Covid-19 article

Sharing feelings

Your message was quite short so I’m not sure what information or advice you were hoping for exactly. We would really like to be able to help you, whatever it is. Have a think about contacting an adviser at Meic so we can make sure you get the help that you need. Our advisers are here to try and help you not to worry so much and let you know about the support that’s available to you if you need it.

Contacting Meic is anonymous and confidential. You can call, text or chat to us online. We’re here for you every day between 8 in the morning and midnight. A lot of young people find it really helpful to talk about their problems and have someone help them find solutions, or to start, stop or change something in their life. Please get in touch for free on the phone (080880 23456), text message (84001) or online chat.. You don’t have to go through this alone. 

Take care

The Meic Team