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6 Steps To Take If You’re Being Bullied

Bullying is when someone repeatedly does something that hurts someone…

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Meic: Over 10 Years of Information, Advice and Advocacy

Did you know that the Meic service has been running…

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The Lowdown on Covid Vaccines for 12 to 15-year-olds

We’re sure you’ve all heard by now that all 12…

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What Does It Mean To Be A Young Carer?

You might have heard of the term ‘young carer’, but…

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Your Voice – School And Lockdowns

Now that we’re back in a lockdown with schools closed…

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Grab the Meic: Struggling To Make Friends

Sian is really struggling with building new relationships and making…

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The Phoenix – A Poem

Mental health is something that children and young people often…

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Short, Sharp Lockdown: The Firebreak Explained

From 6pm on Friday, 23rd October Wales will be going…

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Dear Anxiety – A Poem

Saturday, 10th October 2020, is World Mental Health Day, a…

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Grab the Meic: A Bad Relationship With My Mum

Efa’s relationship with her mum is so bad she wants…

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Grab The Meic: I Don’t Like Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting people worldwide. Recently we had…

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Coronavirus: Putting Things Into Perspective

How are we all coping at the moment? Are things…

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Coronavirus: Tips To Keep Calm

For those of you who suffer from anxiety then the…

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Self Defence Online: Top Tips

The online world is as much filled with positivity as…

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