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Valentine’s Day: Heaven Or Hell?

This week we are running a special relationship campaign on Meic. This is just one of a few articles published on the subject this week. Take a look at the news section for more.

No sooner have you denounced Chrimbo as a money-burning exercise, dreamt up by marketing departments of retail giants than you’re sucked straight back in by that date on the calendar with a big red heart doodled into it: Valentine’s Day.

But what does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Something? Nothing?

If you’re spoken for, do you lavish your loved one with luxury chocolates and top-priced flowers, or do you simply grab a £1.99 bunch of daffs from Lidl along with a budget box of Lindt?

Do the singles among you get your stalking heads on and send anonymous gifts to those you fancy? Or do you organise anti-Valentine’s Day zombie movie-a-thons with KFC around a mate’s house?

Share your thoughts

Here’s your chance to shout out about what’s fab and what’s drab about Valentine’s Day. Share the love, or shout out your frustrations on our Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #MeicValentineHeaven or #MeicValentineHell.

Do you have a favourite romantic song or an anti-Valentine’s Day track you’d like to share?

Have you recently been dumped so will spend the day crafting a voodoo doll of your ex?

This is a chance for you to share your thoughts on the so-called most romantic day of the year, good or bad.

So go ahead, grab the Meic and gush or rant, it’s up to you.

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