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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Sex?


(Scroll down for answers and explanations.)

1. Wearing two condoms is twice as safe – True or False?

2. You can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up  – True or False?

3. There’s no risk of STIs if you’re on the pill  – True or False?

4. It’s important to lose your virginity before you’re 18  – True or False?

5. Masturbation is a normal way to learn about your body – True or False?

6. People are attracted to different things – True or False?

7. If you agree to have sex you can’t change your mind later – True or False?

8. It’s against the law for someone over 18 to have sex with someone under 16 – True or False?

9. For how long after unprotected sex can emergency contraception be used?

  • Up to 72 hours
  • Within 24 hours
  • Both of the above
  • None of the above

10. If I ask for advice on sex from a professional, they will tell my parents – True or False?


1. False. It’s actually a bigger risk to wear two at the same time because the friction could cause them to break.

2. False. There is a risk of pregnancy no matter the position.

3. False. The pill doesn’t protect against STIs, only against pregnancy. A condom is the safest way to protect against both.

4. False. What’s important is to lose it when you feel ready. (No one will even know unless you tell them.)

The average age to lose your virginity is 16 (for men and women). 1 in 5 young males and nearly half of all young women said they wished they had waited longer to start having sex.

(source FPA (National Survey of sexual attitudes lifestyles [NATSAL 2000]).

5. True. Masturbation can be a positive thing (although it’s not for everyone). It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it isn’t harmful.

6. True. We’re all different and that’s a good thing!

7. False. You can change your mind at any time. This video explains it very well:

8. True. The age of consent is 16, and you are legally considered a child until you are 18.

9. Technically 72 hours is the maximum length of time, but the sooner the better. The longer you leave it, the higher your chances of pregnancy.

10. False. Pharmacists, sexual health clinics and doctors can all answer your questions. Provided they believe you fully understand your situation (and you’re not at risk) they won’t tell your parents.

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