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Meic, the journey so far…

A report out this week demonstrates the overwhelming need for a service providing advocacy, information and advice to children and young people in Wales between the ages of 0 – 25 years.

Since 2010 Meic has provided support to children and young people whilst remaining at the forefront of technological advances in communication, ensuring children and young people have a means of communicating with a trusted professional in the safety and comfort of an environment of their choosing.

Highlighting the efforts and success of partnership working in what traditionally was a very competitive field, the collaboration behind Meic, also known as Cywaith (led by ProMo-Cymru) has paved the way for a new way of working to ensure not only children and young people have their voices heard but their views remain the driving force in an ever changing world.

As the first service of its type Meic delivers universal advocacy via digital means nationally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering quality service underpinned by the UNCRC and the National Advocacy Standards.

The report released details of the journey of the service over the last 4 years and the hopes of what is to come for an ever-growing service so desperately needed by children and young people in Wales searching for support to action change.