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The Phoenix – A Poem

Mental health is something that children and young people often contact Meic about. We were sent this poem by a young person, which describes how someone can come back from the depth of depression and overcome all the obstacles to be able to soar again, just like the phoenix.

 I ddarllen yr erthygl hon yn Gymraeg, clicia yma

The Phoenix


Crafted from the ashes,
Smouldered and crumbling, 
Turning to dust at the slightest of touch, 
Death and decay swirls around her bones,
Her hands are trembling with the effort of trying to push her heart back into her chest,
Wide expanses are opening up between her ribs, 
Allowing the darkness to pool in. 
Her muscles are tying themselves in knots,
Fissures appearing in tendons. 
She’s clawing at her skin,
Trying to rip the broken parts of her soul out through it, 
As if peeling of the distress,
Like an extra layer of skin you never asked for. 
Hunched in on herself, 
Trying to hold onto all the pieces of sanity she has left,
She’s learning how to hold herself together,
How to pull herself out from under the rubble. 
She’s trying to learn how to hold 
All of the darkness, 
And the light at the same time.
Her skin is cracked and bleeding,
Nails worn to a nub,
Tears stain her cheeks and blur her vision.
She crawls through debris, 
Until aching, and raw, 
She emerges from the dust,
Arms spread, 
And she soars, 
Just like the Phoenix,
Rising from its own ashes 

by Paige’Sydney

Need help?

Mental health issues can be quite common, although they can vary in severity. It’s really good to talk about your mental health and Meic is always here to help. If you need to talk then contact us at the helpline by phone, text or online chat between 8am and midnight every day.

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