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Talk To Meic About Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement has been all over news and social media channels during the last few weeks. Emotions have been very high. We take a look at the issue and how Meic can help you.

I ddarllen yr erthygl hon yn Gymraeg, clicia yma

Meic is a helpline service for under 25’s in Wales. We believe strongly in the rights of children and young people. We’re here for you if you want to discuss the way you’re feeling or if you’re worried about anything.

What is Black Lives Matter?

The Black Lives Matter movement started back in 2012. It fights for the rights of black people not to be treated unfairly just because of the colour of their skin. The movement has been back in the public eye recently following the death of African American George Floyd at the hands of police. It led to protests across the globe to highlight the unfair treatment of black people like Floyd and systematic racism. Newsround has lots of great articles and videos about Fighting Racism. You can use these to learn more about what’s going on and why.

Protest with silhouette protesters hands holding megaphone, banners and flags. For Black Lives Matter article

Why are people protesting?

This is a huge issue and understandably people can be very passionate about it. When people feel so strongly that something is unjust and that they aren’t being listened to, then eventually they have to do something big to make sure that people do listen and take notice. Protesting is a good way to raise awareness and gather support and make sure the cause gets attention. But when something gains so much attention, there are always people who have different opinions about the matter and this can lead to clashes and disagreements. This is especially true on social media. People are able to express themselves more freely and can easily get drawn into arguments.

Meic is here for you

You might be feeling lots of different emotions when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement and it might be difficult to make sense of things. Perhaps you’re worried, sad, confused or angry and need to talk this through with someone. You might have experienced racism yourself; perhaps you’re worried about saying or doing the wrong thing; maybe you don’t get why people are protesting. Meic is here for you to talk things through, to explore your thoughts and feelings and offer advice, information and support. Meic is confidential and non-judgmental. We are open between 8am and midnight every single day, and can be contacted by phone, text or online chat.