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This case study was written by a young person, for young people finding times that bit more difficult at the moment.

“Sat in a coffee shop waiting for the mister to finish work so that we can go and visit my nan in hospital.

Just saw an Instagram from @meic.cymru, an organisation for young people to call and chat when they need advice (from relationship trouble to homework!), a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen to them. Growing up as a teenager with depression I wish I had organisations like this to help me through the tough times. I probably did but I was always too embarrassed to reach out to them.

I grew up suffocated by the stigma surrounding mental health and consequently a lot of my friends and family did not know what I was going through. Now I’m older I share my story whenever I can in the hope to‪ #‎endstigma‬ but at least with lovely people like this out there, young people don’t have to feel alone. All it takes is a call or even a text.

Check out their Instagram for a link to their website ‪#‎grabthemeic‬