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Dear Anxiety – A Poem

Saturday, 10th October 2020, is World Mental Health Day, a perfect time to check in with your mental health, find help and ways to cope. We were lucky enough to be sent this fabulous piece of poetry by a young person and felt this was the perfect time to share it with you.

 I ddarllen yr erthygl hon yn Gymraeg, clicia yma


Dear anxiety, 
Hello again 
We’ve been here before 
You’re big and scary
And you make my chest feel like it’s on fire 
Swallowing mouthfuls of air 
Gasping for breath
My skin is stretched taught across my body 
And my lungs are three foot under water

Dear anxiety,
Stop trying to make your home within me 
I am merely a vessel for your distress 
You take over
And then I can’t do anything 
My legs are shaking 
Knees ready to buckle 
The embarrassment 
The shame you make me feel
When I didn’t do anything wrong 
You make me question everything 

Dear anxiety,
I’m tired of living with you
It’s like renting out your brain 
To an annoying Tenant that won’t shut up
Well guess what, here’s your eviction notice

by Paige’Sydney

Need help?

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Or if you need to talk to someone about how you’re feeling then contact us at the Meic helpline by phone, text or online chat between 8am and midnight every day.

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